Important Things to Do Before the Storm Comes 

One of the most frightening natural disasters is storms or hurricanes. Luckily, these natural disasters do not come too often, but when they do, expect flooding and destructive winds. Storms and hurricanes might be very terrifying, but you need not worry too much because there are things you can do about it. 

While we cannot stop the storm from approaching, we can do precautionary things to prevent or minimize its damage. These precautionary things can be the knowledge you need to have a habitable home after the storm passes, and even the lives of the people you know. To illuminate you, here are the important things to do before the storm comes. 


Fortify your House

Storms bring very strong winds that can destroy parts of your property; the most vulnerable parts are your roof, doors, and windows. To minimize damage, you have to fortify these parts that it won’t get destroyed and let the wind and rain enter your house. To fortify your windows and doors, inspect if there are missing or problematic screws and bolts, and then replace them if it does. For your roof, supply any missing shingles because this lack can start leaking and would weaken the foundation of your roof. 

Agree on a Safe Room or a Bunker

In case the storm is really tough, and you have to hide, you have to agree on a room that would become your safe room or bunker. This room can be your basement or a room on your house that is located on the lowest level which doesn’t have any windows.  

Stack Supplies

Storms can last a day or two, and its aftermath would leave your community’s business disabled. That is why you have to stack supplies like canned foods, first aid kits, flashlights, radio, batteries, toiletries, blankets, pillows, and entertainment (books, board games). Stack more or less of these items and then place it inside or near your safe room so that it would come in handy. 

Evacuation Plan

In this kind of freaky situations, you have to listen to your local government and heed their instructions. If they say that you better evacuate your house, then you better evacuate it before you put your life and your household’s life on the line. Go to their designated evacuation place, if it doesn’t suit you, go to people you know who are in a relatively safe place. Do not forget to bring your supplies with you along with important documents. 

Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company

When the storm is coming, you should think about your home if it can survive the storm and what damages it might sustain. The big problem with a storm is when they bring along flooding, this flooding would get inside your home and would do damage to your flooring, things, and the overall structure of your house. 

The flood would leave dirty water and dirt inside your home. If you want to clean this immediately and not let it cause further problems, then you must have a water damage restoration company. For an excellent one, contact BaltimoreWater Damage Restoration. 

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