Important Things to Do Before the Storm Comes 

One of the most frightening natural disasters is storms or hurricanes. Luckily, these natural disasters do not come too often, but when they do, expect flooding and destructive winds. Storms and hurricanes might be very terrifying, but you need not worry too much because there are things you can do about it. 

While we cannot stop the storm from approaching, we can do precautionary things to prevent or minimize its damage. These precautionary things can be the knowledge you need to have a habitable home after the storm passes, and even the lives of the people you know. To illuminate you, here are the important things to do before the storm comes. 


Fortify your House

Storms bring very strong winds that can destroy parts of your property; the most vulnerable parts are your roof, doors, and windows. To minimize damage, you have to fortify these parts that it won’t get destroyed and let the wind and rain enter your house. To fortify your windows and doors, inspect if there are missing or problematic screws and bolts, and then replace them if it does. For your roof, supply any missing shingles because this lack can start leaking and would weaken the foundation of your roof. 

Agree on a Safe Room or a Bunker

In case the storm is really tough, and you have to hide, you have to agree on a room that would become your safe room or bunker. This room can be your basement or a room on your house that is located on the lowest level which doesn’t have any windows.  

Stack Supplies

Storms can last a day or two, and its aftermath would leave your community’s business disabled. That is why you have to stack supplies like canned foods, first aid kits, flashlights, radio, batteries, toiletries, blankets, pillows, and entertainment (books, board games). Stack more or less of these items and then place it inside or near your safe room so that it would come in handy. 

Evacuation Plan

In this kind of freaky situations, you have to listen to your local government and heed their instructions. If they say that you better evacuate your house, then you better evacuate it before you put your life and your household’s life on the line. Go to their designated evacuation place, if it doesn’t suit you, go to people you know who are in a relatively safe place. Do not forget to bring your supplies with you along with important documents. 

Contact a Water Damage Restoration Company

When the storm is coming, you should think about your home if it can survive the storm and what damages it might sustain. The big problem with a storm is when they bring along flooding, this flooding would get inside your home and would do damage to your flooring, things, and the overall structure of your house. 

The flood would leave dirty water and dirt inside your home. If you want to clean this immediately and not let it cause further problems, then you must have a water damage restoration company. For an excellent one, contact BaltimoreWater Damage Restoration. 

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How to Become a Professional Photographer

If your hobby has been photography, then you should start thinking about having it as your profession where you can channel your creativity and artistic styles. Professional photography is a challenging profession especially that you need to make a name for yourself first before becoming big. We should always start small, and with photography it will take a lot of experience first before you become a pro. The following are the things you should do to become a professional photographer.  

Professional Photographer 

Develop Your Skills 

To achieve your goals, you have to develop your skills first. You can attend a photography class or get a college degree. If you think that you can’t waste four years of college on photography alone, you can still take another course then the photography classes will be on the sideline. You can experiment, read some books or consult other professionals. There’s no right way or wrong way, as long as you work for it.  

Purchase the Appropriate Equipment 

While you learn, it’s better that you have a starting equipment to practice on. The equipment will also depend on the type of photography you’ll be doing in the photography. Do you want to work on wedding photography, corporate photography in Baltimore, adventure photography, lifestyle photography or wildlife photography? You will also need some photo editing software. Again, your equipment will depend on your focus.  

Purchase Equipment Economically 

As a learner, you don’t have to buy the expensive, brand new and high-end equipment right away. You can still take quality photos on used equipment which is still in a good condition. You can also purchase older models which are sold at a discount, or even borrow until you can afford to buy your own. Remember that you’ll be spending on your photography classes too, so be smart.  

Know Your Camera 

The basic thing to learn about photography is learning about your camera’s setting. Reading the camera’s manual will help you, of course if you’re taking some classes the instructor can assist you on working with your camera. After classes, practice and experiment with lighting and shadow, different settings and other quirks of your camera.  

Research About Photography Tips and Camera Technology 

Aside from the classes you’re taking, learn to research more. Read magazines, books or online articles about the updated photography tips, camera settings, and other tricks that will help you learn more about new ways to use your camera and shoot amazing photos. Another thing to do is learn and practice using editing software. Even if the photos are the best, it will need some minor editing. Aside from photography, you can also learn layout editing and graphic design to optimize your skills.  

Build a Portfolio 

If you want to venture now into paid photo sessions, you’ll get more chances to get hired if you have a portfolio of your photos to show. Use different kinds of photographs to highlight your versatility. The portfolio should compose at least 10 of your best photos because people will want to see the kind of work you’ll do.  

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